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Tai Verdes: @franzmars photographer; Rob Thomas: Jim Trocchio

This year's Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade will feature established stars like Andy Grammer, Rob Thomas, Kelly Rowland, Sara Bareilles and Nelly, as well as rising artists like Zoe Wees and Tai Verdes. Tai's happy for the opportunity to get in front of viewers who don't know him from TikTok or the radio.

"It's always really awesome to see the different steps that you can take to be exposed to more people," he tells ABC Audio. "Especially with something like the Macy's Day Parade, it's kind of cool to see something that I've seen for like years and be a part of that."

Tai will sing his hit "A-O-K" while riding on the Jennie-O float, but he laughs, "Honestly, they could put me on any float, and I'd be happy."  He doesn't even mind that he'll miss Thanksgiving dinner with his folks back in California.

"My family would usually just eat dinner together, we don't have any crazy traditions, so it's not like I'm missing out a lot," he says. "But I'm also going back and having, like, a 'Thanksgiving dinner' after -- on, like, Saturday and Sunday."

Rob Thomas is also a first-timer when it come to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. He'll be singing a song from his new holiday album, Something About Christmas Time, while riding aboard the Hallmark Channel float, and he and his wife are equally thrilled.

"I'm wife, growing up in Queens, [NY], that's been her entire life," he tells ABC Audio. "Christmas starts when Santa Claus goes past Macy's, then, from that moment on for her, it's the holidays."

"I'm excited about doing it and I'm excited about doing it on the Hallmark float," he adds. "That's huge! That's serious Christmas, right there.  I am knee-deep in Christmas at that point!"

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Fourth Wall/Arista Records

Tai Verdes brings the heat with his new song, "Let's Go to Hell."

In the music video for the track, Tai and his girl heat things up at the country club and eventually burn it to the ground before they both burst into flames themselves.

"Let's go to hell together/ We can burn forever/ I got nothing better to do/ You know that I'm not a rebel/ I just know the devil/ Can't be much worse than me and you," he sings.

"This new music is the next era. Everything is HD. I've never sat on songs for so long...but I'm excited to get them out into the world," Tai says in a statement. "This next project is a continuation of what I started with [my 2021 album] TV. Telling stories about my experiences. Giving my perspective. And singing about new topics. I can't wait to keep this thing moving forward."

In addition to the new music, Tai also announced that he will be participating in a one-on-one conversation with Variety as part of the 2021 ASCAP Experience on November 17. He'll chat about finding success on TikTok and how it helped lay the foundation for him as an artist.

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Angelo Kritikos

One of the lyrics in Tai Verdes' hit "A-O-K" goes "I've had terrible, horrible, no-good, very bad days." Turns out that's a deliberate reference to a classic 1972 children's book, and according to Tai,  it's not the only nostalgic thing he added to the lyrics of his breakthrough hit.

Asked if he read Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day as a child, Tai laughs, "Of course I did! Yeah, you know, I had a little throwback to my childhood, especially with like the 'two four, six, eight, who do we appreciate?' [lyric] --  like, that kind of callback stuff, like, that's just who I was as a kid."

"I listened to all that stuff," he adds. "So I was seeing so many people relate to, like, 'Oh, this is that songbook lyric!' And 'I remember saying "two four, six, eight!" and Minute Maid lemonade...' It's just nostalgic, but also fresh at the same time. 'Cause it's my voice, that's never been heard before on these radio stations."

Those lyrics, plus the upbeat, sunny sound of the track seems to put folks in a good mood. Tai tells ABC Audio that fans often share with him how the song really lifts their spirits -- and he can totally relate.

"Yes, I love it when people tell me that they listen to the song to, like, get their morning started or it helped bring them out of a negative headspace," Tai notes. "Like, that is really cool, because I had songs like that, that I listened to all the time -- all the time. And I know what those [kinds of] songs mean."

"I used to listen to Dominic Fike's 'Three Nights' in the shower every single time I got in the shower," he laughs. "It just made my showers better!" 

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Arista Records

Last week, Tai Verdes released a new version of his breakout single, "A-O-K" with 24kGoldn.  Now the two artists have teamed up for a video full of summer fun.

As Tai sings in the song, "When I see trouble come my way/I be makin' lemonade" -- and that's just what he and Goldn do in the clip, setting up a lemonade stand, mixing up several pitchers full, and handing them out to appreciative customers. 

Goldn uses the refreshing beverage to get on the good side of a beautiful girl who stops by, and soon the two are hanging out in a convertible and walking a dog together. The "Mood" singer and Tai also take a dip in a swimming pool, and dance and sing poolside.  A barbecue and pink flamingos complete the summer vibe.

Tai is currently on the road with Quinn XCII and Chelsea Cutler, which will be followed by a headlining tour that starts November 2 in Houston.

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