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Simon Emmett

Following the resounding success of her best-selling album 30, Adele's "Easy On Me" has recaptured the number one spot on the Billboard Hot 100.  Not only that, a new song of hers has debuted in the top five -- "Oh My God," which is in fifth place on the chart.

"Easy On Me" not only leads the Hot 100 for a fifth non-consecutive week, it's also the most-streamed song and the most-played song on the radio this week.  No other song has done that since 2017 when Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee's "Despacito" collaboration with Justin Bieber ruled the Hot 100, Streaming Songs and Radio Songs charts.

Adele also notched another feat.  With both "Easy On Me" and "Oh My God" taking residence in the Hot 100's top five, this marks the second time since Adele had two top five simultaneous hits.  The last time this happened was in 2012, when "Set Fire to the Rain" and "Rolling in the Deep" rocked the charts.

30, which is the singer's fourth studio album, was released on November 20.  It not only shot to the top of the Billboard 200 albums chart, it also is the best-selling album of 2021 after 692,000 copies flew off the shelves in its first week of release.


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Mariah Carey may go all out for Christmas, but that isn't stopping her from teaching her kids about the other religious celebrations that coincide during the holidays. 

To mark the beginning of Hanukkah on Sunday, the Grammy winner introduced her 10-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan to a song about the Festival of Lights.

"Learned this one in grade school, thought I'd teach it to Roc & Roe," Mariah tweeted alongside a video of her performing it to her yawning children.  Because her kids appeared a little unimpressed -- Moroccan rolls his eyes while Monroe dramatically yawns --  the singer jokingly added, "I don't think they've got it yet."

The video features Mariah and her family sitting at what appears to be a restaurant booth as she sings, "Hanukkah is coming!/ Hanukkah is coming!/ That's a time we have the happiest days."

Several fans have since asked the "Fantasy" singer to share the complete song since it appears to be original in nature.  The gesture also gained praise from Mariah's Jewish followers, who thanked her for recognizing their holiday.

"Happy Hanukkah!! This is one of my favorite holidays to celebrate!! As a Jewish lamb, it means a lot that you posted this, love you so much Mariah," one fan tweeted.

Hanukkah ends Monday, December 6.

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Robert Gauthier/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

After Ed Sheeran teased it a while back, we now have a release date for his holiday collaboration with Elton John: a song called "Merry Christmas."  The date is revealed in an adorable video inspired by everyone's favorite British Christmas movie, Love, Actually.

In the video, we see Elton answering his door to find Ed on his doorstep with a series of cue cards, which detail the story of how the collab came about.

"Hello. Last Christmas, I received a call from my mate, Elton John, and he told me, 'We should do a Christmas song,'" the cue cards read as Ed goes through them one by one. "And I replied, 'Yeah, maybe in 2022.' But I actually wrote the chorus that day, and here we are."

Ed continues to shuffle through the cue cards: "Our Christmas song, 'Merry Christmas,' is out this Friday. Go pre-order or pre-save it now.  It has sleigh bells. A lot of them."

All the U.K. profits from "Merry Christmas" will be donated to Ed and Elton's respective favorite charities: the Ed Sheeran Suffolk Music Foundation and the Elton John AIDS Foundation.

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Beth Garrabrant

Nearly 10 years after the original version was released, Taylor Swift's new 10-minute-version of "All Too Well," from Red (Taylor's Version), is number one on the Billboard Hot 100. Looking back, Taylor says the song has become less the story of a breakup, and more of a symbol of the relationship between her and her fans.

"It has a story that is so sacred to me, was my favorite song on the record," Taylor says in an interview distributed by her record label. "I knew that when we put out the album, it wouldn't be a single, it wouldn't be a video -- but I knew it was my favorite one."

"And what was so crazy is that when it went out into the world, the fans just among themselves decided it was their favorite too," she adds. "They just sort of...claimed it as the most important song from Red...over the course of the first six months the album was out."

Taylor notes that she even performed the song on the [2014] Grammys because the fans wanted to hear it.

She first revealed that a 10-minute version of "All Too Well" existed in 2020, on an episode of the Rolling Stone 500 Greatest Albums podcast.  After Taylor announced her re-recording of Red this past June, she confirmed in August that it would include the 10-minute version.  When it topped the Hot 100, it broke a 50-year record for the longest song ever to do so.

"For me, this song has turned into a story of what the fans did for [it] really," Taylor says now. "It's such a special thing to look back on for me and sort of get to relive. It is pretty cool."

(Video contains uncensored profanity.)

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Simon Emmett

Just when you thought there were no chart records left for Adele to set, she goes ahead and sets another one.

The duet version of her song "Easy on Me" that features country superstar Chris Stapleton has just entered Billboard's Country Airplay chart at number 25. This is her first appearance on one of Billboard's country charts, and it's allowed her to set that new record.

As Billboard notes, "Easy on Me" is the first song ever to appear on the pop, rock, R&B/hip-hop and country airplay charts since Billboard modernized its chart data back in 1990. Before that, the last song to achieve that feat was "We Are the World," the 1985 charity single recorded by USA for Africa, a huge collective of the biggest names in music.

In addition, this is now the 17th Billboard airplay chart Adele has appeared on in her career, out of the 25 airplay charts that Billboard publishes.  Mariah Carey has also appeared on 17 of those charts; the only other artist who's been on more is Pharrell Williams, with 18.

In other news, Adele predicts that her nine-year-old son Angelo might have a bad reaction to one of the songs on 30 when he gets older: "My Little Love."

While appearing on the Canadian show q with host Tom Power, Adele admitted, "He'll probably go through stages of hating it when he's a teenager." The song features Voice Note recordings of Adele talking with Angelo about her divorce. But while it may be embarrassing for him, she says she felt she "had to include" it because "it was an important part of the puzzle."

She explained, "It sorted out some of the clutter that was going on in my ability to talk about how I was feeling."

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Courtesy Amazon Prime Video

Pink has finally collected her thoughts after her song, "All I Know So Far," was nominated for a Grammy. The single, which soundtracked her 2021 Amazon Prime Video documentary of the same name, is up for Best Song Written for Visual Media.

Taking to Instagram late Wednesday, the singer thanked the Recording Academy for the honor before telling fans, "HUGE GINORMOUS THANKS to all of you for coming out to play with us and making this song possible."

Pink is up against five other songs in her category, which includes the viral sensation "Agatha All Along" from Marvel's WandaVision and the powerful "Here I Am (Singing My Way Home)" ballad that Jennifer Hudson belted out in Respect.  Pink is also pitted against Bo Burnham's "All Eyes On Me" as well as Judas and the Black Messiah's "Fight for You," and "Speak Now," from the movie One Night in Miami.

We'll find out if Pink takes home the golden gramophone trophy when the 64th annual Grammy Awards airs January 31 starting at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.

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Republic Records

The Recording Academy announced the 2022 Grammy nominees on Tuesday. While the winners won't be announced until January, nominees are certainly celebrating the recognition.

Halsey, whose 2020 album Manic was famously snubbed last year, is overjoyed that her new album, If I Can't Have Love, I Want Power, received a nod for Best Alternative Album. "Really wasn’t expecting that!" she tweeted, while shouting out her "heroes:" album collaborators Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross of Nine Inch Nails

"I am so proud of this album and hope that you guys continue to love it for years to come. Here’s to taking risks," she added.

Lil Nas X walks into the 2022 Grammy Awards with several big nominations, including Record, Album and Song of the year.  He told his fans, "don’t have to win a single award, truly thankful for all the insight this year has brought me. and thankful for the journey. love u guys."

LNX and Halsey both shouted out BTS for securing their second Pop Duo or Group Performance nod in a row for their summer smash, "Butter."

Ariana Grande, who is up for Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Solo Performance for Positions, retweeted the Academy's announcement and told them, "thank you so so much."

Ed Sheeran, who recently released his new album, = (Equals), said he is "Very chuffed" that his song "Bad Habits" is up for song of the year.  

The leading nominee for the 64th Annual Grammy Awards is jazz artist and Late Night with Stephen Colbert  bandleader Jon Batiste, with 11, followed by Justin BieberDoja Cat and H.E.R., all with eight, while Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo have seven each.

The Grammy Awards will air January 31 on CBS.

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The Weeknd's number-one hit "Blinding Lights" has set quite a few chart records since it was first released two years ago.  That's why Billboard now lists it as number one on its new list of the Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Songs.

The list is based on historical performance on the Hot 100 chart, and "Blinding Lights" gets the title because it set the records for the most weeks ever spent in the top five, top 10 and top 40 on the Hot 100, as well as on the chart overall.

Specifically, the song was in the top five for 43 weeks, the top 10 for 57 weeks, the top 40 for 86 weeks, and stayed on the chart for 90 weeks.

“I don’t think [it] has hit me yet,” The Weeknd told Billboard when he was informed of his latest accomplishment. "I try not to dwell on it too much. I just count my blessings, and I’m just grateful.”

"Blinding Lights" replaces Billboard's previous #1 Song of All Time, Chubby Checker's "The Twist," which was number one in 1960 and in 1962.

The top 10 on Billboard's Greatest of All Time Hot 100 Songs chart are:

1. "Blinding Lights," The Weeknd

2. "The Twist," Chubby Checker

3. “Smooth,” Santana feat. Rob Thomas

4. “Mack the Knife,” Bobby Darin

5. “Uptown Funk!,” Mark Ronson feat. Bruno Mars

6. “How Do I Live,” LeAnn Rimes

7. “Party Rock Anthem,” LMFAO feat. Lauren Bennett & GoonRock

8. “I Gotta Feeling,” The Black Eyed Peas

9. “Macarena (Bayside Boys Mix),” Los Del Rio

10. “Shape of You,” Ed Sheeran

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Taylor Swift certainly had a memorable reaction when "All Too Well" became the top song in the country.  The single is now number one on the Billboard Hot 100 this week, which was no easy feat because it had to dethrone Adele's hit, "Easy on Me," in order to do it.

Taylor celebrated the milestone on Twitter and hilariously wrote "*FERAL SCREECH*" when sharing the announcement.  "All Too Well" is not only her eighth official chart-topper, it is now the longest-running song to hit number one.

"All Too Well," which clocks in at 10 minutes and 13 seconds, topples Don McLean's nearly 50-year record, when his eight-minute and 34 second song "American Pie (Parts I & II)" rose to the top in 1972.

Taylor's mind was blown by her history-making accomplishment, as evidenced by the tell-all emoji, and she further thanked fans in a follow-up message, writing, "I’m so proud of this song and the memories I have with you guys because of it. You truly chose this one and now you did THIS?! I’m floored. A ten minute song is at the top of the Hot 100."

She also thanked her team for helping turn the 10-minute version of the heartbreaking ballad into "The ultimate craftsman of songs," and shouted out collaborators Jack Antonoff and Christopher Rowe as well as sound engineer Laura Sisk and songwriter Liz Rose

The Grammy winner is celebrating the success of her newly rerecorded Red (Taylor's Version), which is now the number-one album in the country after debuting atop the Billboard 200.

E! News reports that Taylor has since jetted to South America to visit longtime love Joe Alwyn on the set of his upcoming movie, The Stars at Noon, which is reportedly being filmed in Panama.

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TAS Rights Management

Looks like America really needed a good cry last week because Taylor Swift's newly rerecorded version of "All Too Well" is the top song in the country.  The tear-jerking ballad dethroned Adele's "Easy on Me," which falls to second place, and debuted atop the Billboard Hot 100 -- marking Taylor's eighth official chart-topper.

"All Too Well" is featured on the recently released Red (Taylor’s Version), which offers two versions of the heartbreak anthem -- a regular, radio-friendly shorter song and the mythical 10-minute version.  Fans spent years begging Taylor to release the latter, which she not only did, but also directed and released a short film to accompany the single.  She also gave it a folklore facelift just last week with the "Sad Girl Autumn" remix.

Billboard combined the data from the long, short and the "Sad Girl Autumn" version of "All Too Well," which helped propel the single to the top of the Hot 100.  Its new ranking smashes the previous record it held when the song appeared on the chart in 2012 at number 80.

This also means that Taylor has accomplished a new feat: she's now the proud creator of the lengthiest song to top the Hot 100.  She dethrones Don McLean, whose eight-minute and 37-second "American Pie (Parts I & II)" held the record since 1972.

Taylor's also is the first artist to send a cover of her own song to the top since Elton John did with his 1973 single, "Candle in the Wind."  Two covers of that song, recorded in 1988 and 1997, went on to number one.

Billboard notes the last time a cover dominated its Hot 100 was in 2001, when Christina AguileraPinkMya and Lil' Kim performed Labelle's 1975 hit "Lady Marmalade" for the movie Moulin Rouge!


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