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"Fight Song" singer Rachel Platten became a mom for the second time about two months ago when she and her husband welcomed daughter Sophie.  But it turns out Rachel's been fighting her own private battle against postpartum anxiety...for a second time.

On Instagram, Rachel wrote, "I did not want to write this post...But here it is, i have postpartum anxiety again. I thought, 'I'll share about it when I'm 'better.' I'll have a really powerful story about how i overcame it. And everyone will think oh she's so strong bla bla.'

"But f*** that," she continued. "i don't want one other single mother out there to experience the same feelings of shame, loneliness, and fear that i did if maybe reading about my story NOW can help you. Because this can be hell if you think you're alone."

"We do not talk enough about the reality of the post partum period," she then noted, describing what she's going through as a "daily mental rollercoaster."

"A wave of irrational worry or fear or depression comes and it can knock me over if i don't use all of my tools: compassion for myself is the biggest," Rachel explains. "But it also takes breath work, meditation, exercise, acupuncture medication...therapy, tremendous support and vulnerability and courage to ride these waves."

Rachel adds that she's trying to remember that she's not just what she calls "this runaway train of a brain" -- she's "a beautiful soul...who is courageously getting herself the support she needs."

She concludes by saying, "[I'm] sorry I've hid this from everyone. I didn't want to suffer in public, not again. but i know sometimes this community is exactly the thing i need to remember how loved and supported i am, how much we all are."


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Demi Lovato released a new song over the weekend that pays tribute to one of their dear friends, and also supports a good cause.

The track is called "Unforgettable (Tommy's Song)" and it was written for Tommy Trussell, who lost his battle with addiction in 2019.  "Two years ago I lost someone who meant so much to me. His name was Tommy and he was such a beautiful, special man," Demi wrote on Instagram.

"I wrote this song the day after I found out that he had lost his battle with addiction. This disease is extremely cunning and powerful...I’m beyond grateful and proud to announce all net proceeds of this song will be going to @voicesriseup," they continued. 

@VoicesRiseUp is The Voices Project, a non-profit that connects grassroots organizers with politicians to prioritize solutions for addiction recovery.

Demi also suggested fans who are struggling with addiction call 1-800-662-HELP, which is the treatment help line for the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration.

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Dave Meyers

If you need a therapist but can't afford one, Ariana Grande's got you covered.

The star announced on Sunday that in partnership with Better Help, a provider of online therapy, she's going to donate up to $5 million in free therapy in honor of World Mental Health Day.  "i acknowledge that there are very real barriers when it comes to accessing mental health resources," she wrote on Instagram.

In June, Ariana teamed with Better Health to give away $1 million in therapy, and on Sunday, she continued, "While this is only one small gesture (and a much larger systemic problem remains) i wanted to do this again with @betterhelp in hopes of bringing access to a few more people and perhaps inspiring a few of you to try something new and prioritize your own healing."

Fans can visit to access a free month of therapy.

Maroon 5 also pitched in for World Mental Health Day, announcing that they're donating to organizations that support kids' mental health, including RxWell and Your Mom Cares, the latter of which was founded by actor siblings Jonah Hill and Beanie Feldstein's mom, Alicia Keys' mom and Adam Levine's mom.

The group wrote on Instagram, "We are donating to help continue the further development of behavioral health care that was not previously available for adolescents. Text maroon5 to 44-321 to help support this cause as well."

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Amazon Studios

Justin Bieber: Our World hits Amazon Prime Video today, and it documents how Justin staged his New Year's Eve livestream concert last December amid the pandemic.  Director Michael D. Ratner also directed Justin's YouTube docuseries Seasons, which detailed the singer's struggle with Lyme disease, mental health issues and drug addiction.  But Our World shows Justin at a much happier and healthier point in his life.

"I think when we made Seasons...he was coming out of a rough chapter of his life," Ratner tells ABC Audio. "Ultimately, what this film should do is provide joy for people."

"You should watch this film and take a trip down memory lane and feel the nostalgia of these old hits that he's playing, all the way to some of his [newest] hits," Ratner says, adding that Justin's growth since Seasons is "evident" in Our World.

"You're going to see him as a leader and as a 27-year-old man who's married," says Ratner.

Much of the film deals with Justin and his team attempting to stage the concert on the roof of the Beverly Hills Hotel while trying not to get COVID.

"It's essential that the performance is great and has production value and feels special," says Ranter. "But I think that the [pandemic] story...was what makes the film really work."

Ratner also praises the footage that Justin himself shot..  In one scene, filmed last December, Justin's wife Hailey asks him what his plans are for 2021, and he says he wants to have a child -- or at least start trying for one.  Ratner predicts that when that day comes, Justin will "be an incredible dad."

"I've seen him around kids, and he's so good with kids, as is Hailey," he notes. "I think that they're going to be great parents."

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Ophelia Mikkelson Jones

Lorde is celebrating the success of her third studio album, Solar Power, but revealed in a new interview that she fought for her creative vision -- especially when it came to not releasing the album on CD.

Speaking with Variety, the New Zealand singer noted of a "double standard" women face in the music industry.

"I'm trying to think of how to phrase this. There are specific archetypes that people want you to oscillate between," Lorde, 24, explained. "I’m sure there’s a double standard. I almost don’t think of myself as a female artist sometimes, just because I’m less an object of desire...I don’t feel bound to the systems of our industry the way a lot of women do, which is a really privileged spot to be in."

The singer continued, "It’s a game and if you know the rules, you also know how to break them."

As for how Lorde combatted pushback on her creative choices, considering how different Solar Power sounded compared to her previous two albums, the singer said, "People have listened to me when I’ve said, 'This is not something I would ever do.' ... Being bold is vital because people are only going to listen to you if you speak up."

The "Royals" singer stressed that the industry needs to treat women equally, adding, "Women need to be valued for not just the emotional nuance they bring to songwriting, but also technical skills."

That brought her to her final point, that she was only able to fulfill her creative vision for Solar Power because of the sacrifices of the artists who came before her.

"Whether it’s someone like Britney [Spears], who we’ve all seen go through this terrible thing, or Fiona Apple, there’s always someone who came before you taking it on the chin," she remarked.

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Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images for Live Nation

Rob Thomas has yet to return to touring, and Rachel Platten just had a baby, but you can see both of them perform this weekend, for free.

Both artists will be singing at GLA Global Gala 2021, a fundraiser for the Global Lyme Alliance charity.  Hosted by Gretchen Carlson, the virtual event will feature appearances and performances from around the world. In addition to Rob and Rachel's performances, Andrea Bocelli will also be singing, as will American Idol alum Pia Toscano.

Rob's involvement is no surprise, given that his wife Marisol suffers from Lyme disease. Last year, he appeared at Avril Lavigne's virtual benefit for the Global Lyme Alliance.  Avril also has Lyme disease.

You can sign up now to watch the event, which takes place Sunday, October 3 at 12:30 p.m. EST. Visit for more information, and to donate.

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Pink's husband Carey Hart is on the mend -- partly thanks to Pink's tender loving care.

Carey, a motocross racer and motorcyclist, had to undergo "lower spine disc replacement" surgery, as he described it.  On Instagram, he posted a photo of himself in his hospital bed holding a blue stuffed sloth and wrote, "Can’t wait to come back stronger than ever, and kick a** on my dirtbike in 2022. And my son Jameson had mama bring this sloth to keep me company while in the hospital."

"And a special thank you, to my amazing wife/nurse who has taken amazing care of me through all of this," he added, in a shout-out to his wife. "I love you baby."

Carey followed up with another photo of himself back at home post surgery, noting that he'll have to return to the hospital in two weeks to get a disc replaced in his neck. The good news, he claims, is that as a result of the back surgery, he's now three-quarters of an inch taller.

"Hopefully the neck will get me to 5’11," he joked.

Of course, turnabout is fair play: In Pink's Amazon documentary All I Know So Far, Carey is seen being extremely supportive of the singer as she tours Europe with their kids.

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Meghan Trainor burst into the spotlight in 2014 with her confident self-love anthem, "All About That Bass," but the singer admitted in a new interview that she has been secretly battling a panic disorder for years.

Speaking with People, the Grammy winner revealed that she had her first panic attack in December 2016, when announcing the 2017 Grammy nominees live on air.

"I was vibrating. I felt like I was going to pass out on live television. I was like, 'What's happening? I must be dying,'" she recalled. "As soon as they said 'Cut,' I went offstage and was [gasping for air] in front of everyone."

Her mental health struggles worsened following multiple vocal cord surgeries due to hemorrhaging and she began to fear she'd never sing again.

"I was in a dark place," said Trainor, noting she was also dating her future husband, Daryl Sabara, at the time. "I had everything I wanted — I had the love of my life — but mentally and physically I felt ill." 

It all came to a head when she rushed to the hospital, fearing she was having an allergic reaction to some food she had eaten.

"The doctor came in, looked really sad, and was like, 'Have you ever heard of a panic attack?' I was like, 'No, no, no, I'm having an allergic reaction. If you just look in the back of my throat, it's closing,'" she said. "That was my first lesson on what a panic attack can do to you."

Trainor was diagnosed with a panic disorder and has since sought out therapy and treatment to get her life back on track.

"I'm not ashamed to say I'm on antidepressants," said Meghan. "That medicine saved me, saved my life, saved my career...I'm back better than ever."


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While Shawn Mendes’ past week has been filled with glamorous celebrity events like the MTV VMAs and the Met Gala, he can still appreciate the simpler times that the pandemic afforded him.

Appearing on the Spout podcast, the singer reminisces about being in lockdown with Camila Cabello and how everyday tasks took on new, special meanings.

“I was getting really into the coffee mug,” he says. “I was, like, waking up in the morning and I was like, ‘Which coffee mug am I today?’...I was getting really technical about it and it was just like everything to me. You know, it was my home. I would go to bed super excited for that moment.”

The time off also forced him to reflect on what he enjoys doing outside of music and to explore different hobbies, like archery, which he says was inspired by one of his favorite shows, Game of Thrones. But so far, nothing has really stuck.

“I think the real reality is that I struggle to put down the guitar and figure out what to do besides my job and besides music...,” he says. “So for better or for worse, I am searching for a hobby at the moment, but like, I think that all those things are just exploring for me. I think that something’s going to click sooner or later, but until then, I’m going to stick to coffee and working out.”

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Kevin Mazur/MTV VMAs 2021/Getty Images for MTV/ViacomCBS

On the MTV VMAs on Sunday night, Justin Bieber debuted his new single, "Ghost."  Now in a new long-form commercial he made with Dolby Atmos, he talks about the meaning of the song.

"So, 'Ghost' is a really special record," Justin says. "My objective with making the song was to make people song that there is hope, and the trauma and the hurt that you feel isn't gonna last forever. It takes time to heal. There will be a moment when that pain doesn't hurt so bad. Know that that feeling will subside."

In the rest of the ad, Justin talks about his relationship with God, the importance of love in his life, and how he wants to share "the ups" and "the downs" he experiences through his music, so he can help people. "That relatability can connect with the audience, I think," he explains.

"This world is hard and people are dealing with struggles every day," he adds. "I believe that music is a way of being able to escape those things. It's helped me a lot."

Dolby Atmos is billed as an immersive form of audio that Justin says in a statement "takes music to the next level. It’s game-changing and hits you differently. It’s the best I’ve heard my music. That’s a fact.”

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