CW’s Legends of the Hidden Temple

he legendary competition is back! This Sunday on The CW, check out the premiere of the new adult reboot of LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!

In the new supersized series, the challenges are bigger with epic cash prizes!

Watch five teams set off into a mysterious jungle -- but only one will enter Olmec’s temple, retrieve the lost treasure, and claim the huge cash prize on LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE!

The one-hour series premiere of LEGENDS OF THE HIDDEN TEMPLE starts this Sunday at 8:00pm only on The CW 38 WSWB

Watch legends come alive! Get ready for The CW’s adult reboot of the fan-favorite Legends of the Hidden Temple! Follow five teams as they compete in a mysterious jungle while trying to survive dangerous encounters and frightening assignments – all for a chance to win big bucks!

In the new supersized version of Nickelodeon’s long-running classic competition series Legends of the Hidden Temple -- premiering Sunday, October 10 -- the challenges are now much tougher, the obstacles far greater, and the stakes much higher!

Only one team will be strong enough, smart enough and courageous enough to complete the hero’s journey by unlocking secrets of temples from around the world to retrieve lost treasures.

Enter to win a Legends of the Hidden Temple ‘treasure chest of gold’ from Olmec’s temple in the form of gift cards.



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