“My dad is the Qoolest in all of NEPA, well not just NEPA, but the Qoolest in all of ANYWHERE because he is the man that shows up. I have no other way to describe him other than the man that everyone needs in their life. He can be called any time of day, any day of the week and he will show up to help with whatever you need. I grew up with someone new at our table every Thanksgiving because he would never let someone be alone on the holidays. He works about 65 hours a week and STILL shows up to work on the house my husband and I bought that ended up being a money-pit! He spends hours on snow days snow blowing and shoveling at least 5 driveways because once he starts, he just keeps thinking of other people that would need the help (that don’t even live near him). He is the BEST “Bumpa” (aka Grandpa) and is always up for playing in the dirt, going for a walk, or taking his “Robbie Joe” to the airport to watch planes fly. There aren’t enough words to really showcase his absolute amazingness and Qoolness because he shows it every day through his actions. I was a Foster Care/Adoption caseworker for a long time and I always wondered how the lives of the kids I worked with would’ve been different if they had a dad like mine.”