“I have no idea why he married our mom the week they met, but all 7 of us are really glad they ran off to Las Vegas that night! Other than Mom (and Us of course!), he loves the NY Giants, Yankees and fixing things. If he’s not working or sleeping, he is fixing something so I thought this pic really says it all. Mom gave him Super Bowl tickets a few years ago for a game at Giants stadium and he actually sold them just so we could all go to Atlantic City. He never got to enjoy even a day of the trip, he listened to the Super Bowl on the radio while he drove all the way home from Atlantic City twice because I forgot my computer, and then he went back to get Grandma the next day. We drive him crazy but I think he enjoys it. He loves the Giants and he has never seen them live, so I guess he loves us more, although, he never wears shirts or hats with our name across them. He deserves the world but I think winning this would be a step in the right direction.
Please check out the attached pic of him fixing my car.”